A true unified inbox

Rocketvox_270x138Yesterday was the culmination for me. I was trying to manage 2 email accounts, inbound and outbound texts, blog comments, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and voicemail–it was crazy. I value all of them, but there are simply too many ways to communicate. I have tried a couple of the aggregation sites, like socialthing or xobni, but they only help some.

They don’t manage texts or voicemail, and they don’t control my communication in the way I want, by groups of friends, family, work, parents, etc.

That is why I am so excited about RocketVox (www.rocketvox.com). This is the product we all need. RocketVox gets all your digital communication in one place: multiple email accounts, all social networks, SMS, voice mail, address book, voice-mail-to-text, blog comments, Twitter, all of it.  (Caveat- I know the founders and have helped them with a few introductions). The product is in private beta, but soon will be in public beta. Look for it. The team launched it a few weeks ago at a trade show and it won numerous “best of show” awards.

Check them out:






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