Tweet for Service

August 26, 2010

I had heard about companies (particularly Comcast) monitoring social media for customer or prospect complaints, but had never experienced it personally until this week.

Bank of America had canceled my debit/ATM card because a merchant had some kind of data breach. Unfortunately, they did not inform me of the cancellation, nor had they sent me a replacement card. So I called customer service to bitch and also tweeted about my crappy experience. Within an hour or so, I got a reply from BofA_Help via Twitter asking if they could assist. They requested that I DM them with my name and phone and they called me the next day (the original interaction was on a Sunday). Although I had already resolved the issue with the telephone customer service people the day before, the Twitter help people listened responsively and then sent me a gift card for my troubles.

If only the rest of Bank of America’s service was as responsive or as good.

(For their part, BofA claims that they informed me of the cancellation by mail and sent me a new card by mail. I did not receive either one. They could not explain why they do not inform a customer of a data breach or impending cancellation by email or phone.)


Introducing a professional network for recruiters

August 19, 2010

I am really excited today to announce the public Beta for PowerFill, a product that I helped to spearhead at Bullhorn. PowerFill is a network of hundreds of staffing and recruiting firms working together to fill jobs and place candidates. PowerFill network members use our new, rich collaboration tools to securely exchange information about jobs and candidates, messages, contracts and other information.

We created PowerFill to help staffing and recruiting professionals with one of the largest problems they face: low fill rates.

By collaborating with other firms in the network, PowerFill users can:

• Make more placements to improve their top and bottom line
• Improve customer satisfaction by increasing fill rates and covering more of their business
• Gain efficiency by using sales or recruiting resources from outside of their company. PowerFill lets you focus on what you do best.
• Take control of the customer by filling more of their clients’ orders, allowing for more exclusives and orders.

To see the entire announcement click here or